Further upskilling of Filipino employees required: ADB

PHILIPPINES: To trim the gap between employee skills and workplace expectations, the Asian Development Bank has advised that the country must increase investments in upskilling employees and social protections.

The bank said the pandemic had increased skills mismatches and Filipino workers have been finding it hard to transition between sectors, given the differences in required skills.

Its latest report recommends upskilling employees through industry-led training and apprenticeship programs, as well as public-private partnerships that can help provide training to those who do not have steady access to technology.

Sectors that have been badly hit by the impact of the pandemic are those dependent on personal contacts, such as accommodation, food services, transportation, and recreational services, while employment in information and communications technology, and professional and business services have been seen to be more resilient.

Philippines unemployment may hit 1.1 million by year-end, or 10% higher than pre-pandemic levels, according to the International Labor Organization.

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