A collaboration service to ease hiring foreign talents globally

HR TECHNOLOGY: A competitive market and growing employee demand for remote work have made organisations look outward to hire foreign talent from outside the United States.

Human capital management Paychex has aligned with Globalization Partners, which is an organisation that deals with international legal, tax, and HR issues, to tackle the issue of hiring foreign talent from across the globe.

This collaboration will enable firms to hire foreign talent from outside the US, with ease and legally without having to manage foreign jurisdictions, payroll, and employment complexities.

Some of the services this collaboration can provide to firms are the automated onboarding of employees contracts, personalised service from in-country experts, and up-to-date local HR, data compliance and tax intelligence.

“The workplace as we know it is changing and HR is changing along with it,” said Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management. “Businesses are no longer limited to hiring from the talent pool in their region. The shift to remote work has opened up recruiting – including the opportunity that the international job market presents – particularly as many face challenges with the current job market.”

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