A boot camp to nurture future talents in Artificial Intelligence

CAMBODIA: One of the key takeaways at the World Economic Forum is that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the major areas of growth in new jobs.

In support of this vision and to proactively nurture talents who will eventually lead in this promising workspace, Cambodia’s digital insurance company Prudential recently hosted students from seven universities to attend the Pulse Artificial Intelligence boot camp. Experts and data scientists taught the 30 participants AI applications in daily interactions and the use of Google’s Teachable Machine to build a basic yet usable AI model.

One of the students, Colinna Uy from Paragon International University, said, "This boot camp is one of the most exciting events that I have ever participated in. As an International Relations student, I had never thought that I would be able to build an AI app – but I did!"

Prudential Cambodia CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty said, "AI is fast becoming strategic for many companies across the world, and it is transforming the ways that we operate. It is also accessible to anyone with any background if they are willing to learn. Therefore, we wanted to give students the opportunity to understand artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with exposure to opportunities that this industry will shape.”

Pulse, the company's all-in-one digital health app, uses AI-powered tools and real-time information for its users in preventing the onset of diseases.

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