A balance between performance and concern for employees

PHILIPPINES: As the local workforce prepare to resume face-to-face work, given the improved vaccination drive and lowering Covid cases in the country, companies should ensure that their managers can balance work performance with being responsive to employees’ needs, according to studies from leadership development consultancy Zenger Folkman.

The studies also revealed that employee engagements rose in the charts during the pandemic “because people are getting more attention and they were being given a lot of support.”

Consultancy co-founder Joseph Folkman said that the ideal Next Normal manager is capable of operating in a collaborative environment that is flexible to the constraints of remote work arrangements as well as adaptable to the new hybrid work protocols.

“People will suffer from the lack of collaboration and the lack of innovation if they remain away from the workplace,” he added.

Folkman also emphasized the importance of empowered executives who can engage employees in a manner that unlocks their enthusiasm.

“It is hard to rally the troops. But employees want their leaders to be inspiring, to give them energy and to get them excited about their work,” he said.

"A successful Next Normal manager will always find the opportunity to highlight the importance of human connection.”

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