Five top tips for women juggling multi-hyphenated roles

HR ADVICE: As our final top tips special guest post to celebrate women leaders, Pauline Teo, Executive Director of Singapore-based finance and edu-tech developer 8VI Holdings, shares five pieces of advice for career women handling multiple roles.

1. Prioritise: Being a full-time mom, director, trainer, facilitator, and author – multiple things inevitably grapple for, and demand, your attention. Author Nora Robert’s analogy on juggling glass and plastic balls has been enlightening. With all the roles – or ‘balls’ – we have to juggle, it’s crucial to differentiate between which ‘balls’ are plastic, and which are glass. The ability to distinguish your priorities in order of importance and urgency will help you to be more effective in both your personal and professional roles.

2. Hold the steering wheel: Be proactive and take responsibility for what is in your court. Instead of letting circumstances play out, actively focus your energy on things you know are within your power to improve on.

3. Prioritise self-care: There is a Chinese saying that loosely translates as: “Rest is a preparatory step for a long journey ahead.” Similarly, learning to prioritise your needs and making time for self-care replenish you and help you to be more productive in other aspects of your life in the long term.

4. Communication is key to balance: Whether at home or work, understanding the needs of others, and being able to communicate what you need, will greatly help you identify what matters.

5. Collaborate. Managing a team and a household can be difficult. But teamwork is key. Collaborate within work and your home to create win-win situations for all.

About the author

Pauline Teo, Executive Director, 8VI Holdings Limited

❁ Name: Pauline Teo

❁ Position: Executive Director, 8VI Holdings Limited

❁Career: Pauline is involved in the management and regional operations of the Company, under VI College, and is also one of the key speakers for the various programs, seminars and coaching sessions that the Company undertakes. Under her leadership, VI College is currently the leading Financial Education provider in Singapore and Malaysia, with a presence in Taiwan and Mainland China.

❁ Most looked-up-to leader: Michelle Obama

❁Go-to quote for International Women's Day: “Always stay true to yourself, and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.” – Michelle Obama

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