41% of Southeast Asians willing to compromise values for a job

SOUTHEAST ASIA: A survey by Milieu Insight found that almost half of Southeast Asian employees will not perform a job if it goes against their values, but 41% admitted that they are willing to compromise as long as it is not illegal.

The ‘’Values at Work’’ study, which describes how employees perceive values at the workplace, their sentiments, and whether they have experienced compromising their values, surveyed 1000 employed respondents each in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines in May 2022.

Findings showed that more than two-thirds strongly agree (35%) and somewhat agree (38%) that their company values integrity. However, 13% believe it is acceptable for a corporation to lie or twist the facts if it is lawful.

In addition, more than 1 in 10 admitted to having lied to a colleague (15%), compromised work values to meet work KPIs (14%), and helped their company cover up wrongdoing (13%).

‘’We’re creating a workplace culture of employee empowerment and engagement, and I believe companies must first re-examine their cultures to ensure they are attracting and retaining the type of talent that will drive business success," said Derek Tan, HR Manager at Milieu Insight.

"Leaders should reflect on the extent to which they’re listening to employees, driving cultural values themselves, and recognising employee performance — all of which are critical to empowering a diverse workforce,’’ he added.

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