1,000 new jobs to help launch Simmtech's ASEAN foray

MALAYSIA: More than 1,000 high-skilled jobs in manufacturing, quality management, and engineering, will become open this quarter, when Simmtech, a South Korean producer of packing substrate for semiconductors, completes its first large-scale factory in Southeast Asia.

This is located at Batu Kawan Industrial Park in Penang, and will be operational before the end of the current quarter. Simmtech has invested MYR 508 million (USD 121 million) in the project, through its Malaysian subsidiary Sustio.

The factory will begin manufacturing the region’s first packaging substrates for dynamic random-access memory chips, and High-Density Interconnect printed circuit boards for memory module/Solid State Drive devices and operations in the second quarter.

“Given the supply constraint globally, it is absolutely critical that our Penang project goes full swing to manage the supply chain," Jeffery Chun, Managing Director for Simmtech Southeast Asia said. "With the synergistic support from the Federal government agencies especially the Malaysian Investment Development Authority and the State government agencies, our greenfield project is chartering in lightning speed to ramp up capacity to our major customers in this region."

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